136/365 The Canary Breaks Free

“I need to tell you something while we are alone,” she said.

We were headed to meet some friends for dinner.

Naturally, I thought she was dying.

So, it was actually a relief when she told me she was just moving to the other side of the country.

Well played, Lynette.

I always want people to follow their bliss, their dreams, wherever their gut tells them to go. I run a small business, and anytime someone leaves to pursue other interests (although the majority of the time the “other interest” is having a baby) I never get upset.

If someone feels called to be somewhere else…then that’s where they should go.


I feel the same way about Lynette moving to California.

Except, I also want to wrap my arms around her ankles and force her to drag me as she goes.

If you’ve ever felt a real loss in your life, you know the void a person can leave in their absence.  When I gather with my family, I feel the void left by my father all the time.

So now, we will also have a Lynette-sized void in New England.

It’s a big one. I mean – disproportionately big, seeing as she is all of 5 foot 2.

Lynette, my love for you is cavernous.

You are one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. Truly.

I hope that you find all that you seek in California.

But first, please seek an apartment with room for guests.

See you next weekend.

(Kidding, I’m actually hiding in your trunk right now. When are we leaving?  It’s hot in here, and I’ve already eaten all the organic muesli and kombucha. These snacks are bullshit, by the way).