Day 133/365 Freedom

When we speak from the heart, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Therefore, perhaps the most important thing we can do is to reveal ourselves fully and authentically to the world…

To trust people enough to say…

This is what I see, and this is how I feel.

As long as you are also willing to ask

How do you see it?

How do you feel?

This week I have had some really important conversations. I’ve learned something from each one…both about others and about myself.

What I’ve learned has surprised me.

You see, I had been telling myself some old stories that just weren’t true, and which no longer served me.

When we perpetuate these tales, rather than re-examining our thoughts and our relationships, we cannot live an authentic life.

We are basing what IS on what WAS.

In computer terms, we are failing to update our systems.

By steeping ourselves in what is no longer true (or – let’s be honest – maybe in what never was true) our hearts and souls begin to stagnate.

We fail to grow.


We have to be brave enough to ask the hard questions.

We have to listen to each other.

We have to speak the truth.

Therein lies freedom.