Day 132/365 Miss Anne

Miss Anne is no ordinary preschool teacher.

In fact, she is no ordinary person.

A spiritual teacher once told me that a person’s energy is projected around them, ten feet in all directions.  We all spill out into the world in a way that is far more impactful than many of us realize.  Though one’s energy can’t be seen with the naked eye, we can be powerfully influenced by those with whom we surround ourselves.

Which is why anyone who has ever spent any time with Anne keeps coming back for more. She radiates pure joy and love. We all want to bask in her energetic glow.

She is the quintessential nurturer. Even as an adult I feel as though nothing bad can happen when Anne is around. Maybe it is just that I know if something bad happens, she will know just the right thing to say or to do…even if the right thing to say is nothing, and the right thing to do is to offer a hug or a cup of tea.

Anne was Beau’s preschool teacher for three years. The first time I saw her again, five months after Beau “graduated” to kindergarten, I burst into tears. I mean, there was flooding.  I was waiting in line to see a play at our new school, and seeing her caught me completely off guard. I was overcome with emotion.

In that moment I realized how much I’d missed her, and I literally could not pull myself together for several minutes. The magnitude of her impact on our lives hit me like a tidal wave. I clung to her and sobbed like a little girl.

Several years have passed since that embarrassing display. Recently I was recounting that story to a new-ish friend at the girls’ school.  She looked at me and said, “That was you? You know I saw that happen and I knew immediately that I was going to send my kids to her for preschool.  Thank you!”

Then, there is Russell, Anne’s lovely husband.  Russell and my girls’ father have the same birthday, and he and Beau forged an instant connection. Beau is not typically one to come to any quick decisions about whether a person will earn her trust and affection. She is selective, and was especially so as a three year old. But there it was, plain as day between she and Russell  – love at first sight.

Anne and Russell’s love for each other inspires me so. It seems so deeply rooted in true appreciation.  I love watching them together.

One day I said to Russell, “Your love for each other is so beautiful. After several decades of marriage, you still look at her as if she is the best thing that ever happened to you.”

He looked confused for a moment, and replied…

“Well, she is.”

Anne and Russell, I am so grateful for you both.  Thank you for continuing to reach out to the girls and me.  Your unwavering affinity for us fills me with such warmth and gratitude.

 Photo by Robyn Ivy. It is just…perfect.

2 thoughts on “Day 132/365 Miss Anne

  1. Anne Monaghan

    What does one say to that incredible tribute? Thank you. We are so blessed to have you and your girls in our lives again and again. How I love feeling your presence and your appreciation for the beauty! It definitely nurtures me. Thank you for your beautiful words. May you continue to see and encourage in this world that beauty, joy and love that lives in all hearts.
    Each heart is yearning for that kind of Peace.

  2. Finding True North

    They are absolutely amazing people. Russ was my boss and mentor in college, best teacher anyone could ask for..ask any of the many many who still are connected to him today. Anne is icing on the cake in our case..vice versa in yours. Thank you for this piece!