Day 131/365 On Loving

Sometimes loving a person is easy, and sometimes it feels overwhelming – the responsibility of it…of loving someone with grace, integrity, forgiveness, dignity, truth

We have to do it anyway,

Because without love we are hollow.

The more I live, the more I recognize it is all about human relationships –

All of it.

All of the heartache, the struggles, the confusion…all of the work it takes sometimes to connect…if we don’t dig into it and try to learn from one another, we gain nothing from this life.


I hope I can share this without coming off preachy – because you know what – I am writing this to myself just as must as I’m writing it to you

You see, I forgot.

I forgot that to love someone means loving them even when we don’t understand them, even when they – or we – are angry, hurt, defensive or confused.

I forgot that when someone is hard to love – that is often when they need our love the most…because chances are, they don’t believe they deserve it.


We stumble, again and again,


We can choose to love ourselves enough to accept the infinite number of chances we are given to do it right…

This painfully simple and brutally hard work of loving each other.

“Today I will choose love. 

If I mistakenly choose distraction, perfection, criticism, or negativity over love,

I will choose love next.

I will choose love until it becomes my default choice

…my gut instinct…my natural reaction.

I will choose love until it becomes who I am.”

-Rachel Macy Stafford

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