Day 125/365 Messy Inside

I was looking for something in one of my kitchen cabinets this morning and I chuckled to myself about how there is absolutely no organization nor reason whatsoever to it’s contents.

I have a lot of family and friends staying with me over the course of the summer and I wondered if that would bother anyone.

Then I started to think…actually, this is a pretty good representation of my mind most of the time.

It is always packed to a dangerous degree with items that vary enormously in importance.

Yet, whether they are important or not does little to dictate where they are placed, or how much space they are given.

I often cannot locate important things in there, but I can readily rest on something I haven’t used in ten years, or something that has NEVER proven useful (“Why is this even in here?” I might ask myself).

I might also be certain of a particular area, and then, Wham! I realize it’s not actually an iron but it is, in fact, a child’s tea set.

So, friends and family who might be disturbed by my cabinet contents, please know that to insult them is to insult my very mind.

To love me is to love my cabinets.

We are messy inside.

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