Day 121/365 Rescue Attempt

My eldest turned eleven today.  Let me tell you, she is such a beautiful soul. She has so much depth and intuition at her young age.

It was very strange this morning waking up on her birthday, and not being with her. She had spent the night at her dad’s.  I called and sang to her (bless her for tolerating that!), and I knew she was going to have a great day at the beach. She would be coming home at dinnertime for a gathering with my family.

Still, embarking on a walk this morning with my four legged friend, it felt so strange celebrating the day – without the guest of honor. Honestly, I was feeling sad about it, and my mind immediately went to parents who have lost children…and how lucky I am that it’s just a day I was missing. I tried to put it in perspective.

So…this part you may only enjoy if you read yesterday’s post, The River.

Louie (the dog) and I have a favorite walking spot. It takes us through the woods and spills us out onto a rocky beach. There’s a beautiful cove. It is often filled with egrets this time of year. It is the kind of place that makes me grateful for where I live…every time I go there, which is often.  Louie loves to swim no matter what. In the dead of winter he will barrel into the ocean.  Today was no exception.  I usually take a seat on a rock and watch him frolic for a few minutes before we head back.

There is a narrow channel in which the current runs very strongly as the tides change. As I sat there in the heat, looking at the cool water – I just had to go in. So, I kicked off my shoes and tossed off my t-shirt and jumped in. The water was only about up to my chest in the channel, but the current was so strong that I had to brace myself in order to stay upright.  The feeling of the current against my back was not unlike the feeling of the jets in a jacuzzi. It was that strong.

I thought about my blog yesterday, about letting “the river” take me where I need to go.  I lifted my feet, laid back and let the current take me…and boy did it! I felt like a kid again, and it was glorious! I floated along toward the cove, free as a bird…um…more specifically – a duck, perhaps.

Unfortunately, the bliss was short lived as it became apparent that Louie thought I was drowning. He came careening into the water to “rescue” me. Let me tell you, that was far from graceful.  Eventually I convinced him that I knew what I was doing (or “the river” did….or some BS like that), and he turned back toward the shore.

He hates metaphors.