Day 114/365 Lawyer Letting Loose at a Jam Band Concert

I bought tickets to two shows this summer – Tedeschi Trucks/Wood Brothers, and Jerry Seinfeld.  They just so happened to fall on back to back nights this weekend.

One music, one comedy – two totally different experiences, and I enjoyed them both. However, one much more clearly defined where I want to place my attention.

I am not going to sit here and disparage Seinfeld. To do so would be tantamount to blasphemy in my mind.  I am forever in awe of the fact that people (myself included) can still relevantly rattle off one liners from a show that stopped being produced twenty years ago, and make people laugh.

I also love the fact that he can manage to make people laugh for over an hour without using a single profanity, and without saying anything offensive to anyone (except maybe postal workers).  Don’t get me wrong, I love profanity from time to time…but it truly seems to be a lost art to deliver a stand up routine without using any of it.

The closest he came to swearing was when he was talking about how much he loves being in his sixties, and feeling that he can say NO to things.  He said people have “bucket lists” but he prefers to replace the “b” with an “f” and call it a day.  Pretty funny (I did laugh), but maybe that’s where he lost me.  “You go ahead and zip-line through the rain forest; I’m gonna sit in my recliner picking potato chip crumbs off of my sweatshirt.  Enjoy.”

This is the part where you tell me I have no sense of humor.  I do though. Actually, many people say I’m pretty fucking funny. {ha, sorry, had to…I love irony.}

Much of his routine focused on how dissatisfied we all are – lazy, antisocial, screen addicted, fat…somehow it was very funny and very depressing all at once.

The location didn’t help – Foxwoods Casino Theatre. As we came and went, we had to walk by dozens of people staring, glazed over at slot machines, breathing in second hand smoke…when we emerged into the warm, fresh evening air with a full moon, I was elated.

By contrast, on Friday night I saw The Wood Brothers and Tedeschi Trucks Band at the Providence Performing Arts Center. The energy in the room was amazing. TTB has typically about ten musicians on the stage at once – they all appear to love what they are doing for a living. They encourage each other and seem to truly appreciate each other’s talents – grinning broadly as the audience went wild over the guitar and vocal solos of their fellow band members.  So much joy.

Possibly the best part of the performance was the guy two rows directly in front of us. He was wearing a button-down dress shirt and glasses, and was probably about sixty-five years old. He looked like he’d come straight from work – and he was having the time of his life.  He practically burst with excitement as he recognized each new song by the first few notes – looking over at his friend, shouting, “I love this one!!” He never sat down; never stopped moving. He danced the entire time and although I was watching him from behind, I have no doubt he had a huge smile on his face the entire time. It made my night, watching that guy.

So I guess what all of this rambling today is about, is that it is so clear to me that I want to follow the joy –

Not the sarcastic this is how it is so we might as well laugh at it kind of joy (although that definitely has its place).

I want to follow the my God I am so happy to be here kind of joy.

The I can’t believe my luck kind of joy.

The lawyer letting loose at a jam band concert kind of joy.

Maybe I’m just channeling this guy…

Dad ruling the dance floor.


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