Day 106/365 Blessings

I believe we are all put on Earth with a karmic or spiritual path or intention.  There are life lessons we are meant to learn while we are here….blessings we are meant to receive and challenges we are meant to face, in order to grow.

When we find ourselves asking, “Why did this happen?” we can often find the answers, or blessings, or lessons…though sometimes they are hidden or don’t reveal themselves until much later –  when we are ready to notice them.

Believe me, I know there are some circumstances that are just too cruel for us to wrap our heads around, looking for a “reason”.  Wonderful people who are diagnosed with life threatening illnesses, for example.  I struggle with that. I am struggling with that.

But sometimes….I’ll even venture to say often

When things seem to turn to shit despite our best efforts, it is helpful to take a broader view.

For example…

My marriage did not work out. I could sit here and say that I married the wrong man, he wasn’t my soul mate…yada, yada...but the truth is I believe with all of my heart that we were meant to be together for that season of our lives.  I was crazy in love with him at one time, and our two beautiful, amazing children are the result of that love.

They are because we were.

The loss of my father has been traumatic for me. I’m angry that he was taken from us…but, we had him. We got to have him. I got to have him as a father. Having him as a role model helped to mould who I am as a person – a person who lives with honesty, integrity, gratitude, kindness and humor.  My life was made richer because of him.

I am because he was.

Often in life we are given blessings and heartache all wrapped up in one package.

One cannot exist without the other.

I would never trade my blessings in order to shield myself from the accompanying pain.

Would you?