Day 104/365 Alexis

She is perfect!” declared my younger brother during a cross country phone call about eleven years ago. He had met Alexis, and had declared perfection.

Game over.

Of course being older and wiser (and a tad overprotective) I replied, “No one is perfect, Ryan, but maybe she is perfect for you. That’s what counts.”

I am not one to assess perfection, but here are some things I know for sure to be true (in no particular order) about Alexis, my (now) sister in law….

She is driven.  Having a successful career is important to her and she is very good at her job as VP of operations at Big Sister Boston. She works her ass off.

She has passion and compassion.  She loves making a positive impact on her community, especially by empowering (often disadvantaged) young women.

Something I have noticed more and more over the past few years is that Alexis is hysterically funny. Bone dry humor, sharp wit…just very, very funny.

Her heart…her heart is so big.  I think she keeps some of it tucked away at first, so as to protect herself from exposing the sheer volume of it all.

She is fierce, and would gladly take a bullet for “her people”.

She is a generous and fearless parent…she (and my brother) went from being newlyweds to being the parents of three children, all within a few short years. It has been a whirlwind (and will be for a while with a teenager, a ten year old and a toddler!). Ryan and Lex are wonderful parents – the best possible parents – to these three lucky and wonderful kids.

In short, she may not be “perfect” (no one is – I still stand by that statement), but Alexis –

She is kind of a rock star.

One last thing I’ll say before I go…

Alexis, I think, perhaps, I’ve done you a disservice in not properly acknowledging how much of a father figure my dad had become to you over the past decade. I’m sorry if I ever made you feel like your grief was smaller than mine. You had become his daughter, too…and grief is grief. There is no “more than” or “less than”.  There just is.

So, I just wanted to say – I know you loved him, so much, and he loved you, too.

He always lit up when he saw you, you know.

How could he not?

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