Day 100/365 Otherworldly

There is something about looking into the eyes of a new baby that transports us to another plane. I believe it’s because they have so newly arrived from the spiritual realm. They are pure light and love….truly otherworldly.

This weekend I was blessed to meet two new little beings of light.

Something about those experiences has made me feel lighter. Perhaps it is the simple reminder of where we are all started, and I believe, where we will all end up again.

I believe in reincarnation. I believe we return, over and over again, each time with the intention of elevating spiritually through the experiences and lessons of each lifetime.  I also believe we continue to incarnate with many of the same souls…we are meant to learn from one another, with one another.

So, perhaps it is as simple as being gently reminded that life goes on…and on, and on…

Those we’ve “lost” are not lost forever.  We will meet again.