Day 99/365 Karen

If there is one thing I know for certain in this life, it’s that as long as this lady is around I will never be the “fun aunt”.

To know Karen is to love her…especially if you are a kid.  No  matter what is going on, she is always looking for ways to make it more fun.  

The best way I can think of to describe Karen is…

She is a YES.

If it sounds remotely fun, she is all in,


She’s also a YES to the not-so-fun things.  She’s a YES to whatever is needed. If someone needs help, she’s right there. She is full of energy and ready to jump in – even if she’s already “in her cozies” (a spare supply of which are always in her car, for one never knows when there will be an unanticipated need for leisurewear!).

During the days leading up to my dad’s death, Karen was honestly an angel to us all, even (perhaps especially) to my dad, though he wasn’t conscious to know it.

As usual she was ready to jump in and do anything to help. That was no surprise. She also took the time to get friendly with all of the nurses in the ICU.  She called them each by name and learned all she could from them.

She was often our voice when the rest of us were too shocked to speak.

She massaged my father’s feet and calves so his muscles wouldn’t atrophy. It makes me cry just to write that down. She loved him so much.  She loves us all so much.

What I loved the most about how Karen was during those awful days, was seeing my brother (her husband), Billy, watching her. His raw adoration was right there for us all to see. It was beautiful.

She is beautiful.

The image above is a favorite of mine, from the day before she married my big brother.  I couldn’t help but add the image below of the two lovebirds from twenty (?) years ago.

At their wedding, my brother, Ryan, giving the best man’s toast quipped “Until Karen came along, I didn’t even know Billy had teeth.”