Day 98/365 Canine Existentialism

Playing this afternoon at the beach with Louie, I marveled at how, despite the fact that having the ball thrown for him seems to be the ultimate thrill, he fiercely refuses to give up the ball once he has reclaimed it.

It’s as if every time he possesses that ball, he can think only about the ball and how to maintain his control. He completely and instantly loses sight of the joy he felt in seeking it.

I began to think about that – about how in life we can hold on so tightly to what we “possess” – people, objects, ideas, even memories – that we lose sight completely of the joy we could allow ourselves were we to lessen our grip, or even to let go, and allow for new things to come our way.

Then I thought…well, maybe it isn’t about the ball at all – not about losing, chasing, gaining, maintaining…

Maybe it’s just about being present, in the moment, allowing oneself to…

“Live in the sunshine, Swim in the sea, Drink the wild air.” 

Eventually, Louie understood too…or maybe he just lost track of the ball.

He isn’t much of an existentialist.