Day 96/365 Thunderlust

The storm started out innocently…

Beau danced in the rain and stuck out her tongue to taste it. Ruby soon joined in the revelry.

Then the thunder started…

I gathered them up to sit on the front porch.

I have always loved bearing witness to a passionate summer storm, from the safe haven of a porch…

Being within the storm, and yet protected from it all at once.

The girls got a little nervous and wanted to go inside.

“You can go in if you’d like, but I’m staying!” I said.

They both gathered their courage and we huddled closely together.  Suddenly we heard a big crash of thunder and we felt the bench rattle beneath us.

We all screamed and then laughed hysterically.

They were thrilled. They felt brave, and safe, and we were witnessing something wild.

I suppose that’s a life goal, isn’t it?

To not be afraid of the storms (for there will always be storms).

To know when to dance in them,

To know which ones to savor on your tongue,


Which ones to wait out from a protected place, huddled closely with the ones you love.