Day 89/365 Captain’s Log – 2am

Captain’s Log

2am Child #2 claims to be starving.

Insists on listing everything eaten for dinner that evening at father’s house. List goes on long enough for me to nod off. She is reassured she will not die of hunger before breakfast.

3am Child #1 is thirsty. The process of quenching said thirst requires child to jump into bed of a previously sound asleep adult, despite water glass on child’s own night stand. Child is returned to bed; thirst is quenched.

4am Cat is heard tearing around bedroom. Upon groggy approach, a mouse is seen bolting from behind chair into bathroom. Cat follows.

4am-4:30am Enclosed in bathroom with cat and mouse. Mouse is repeatedly chased back and forth from under vanity to under tub. Many failed attempts to convince mouse that human holding cup is best option. Cat appears thrilled to be building camaraderie.

4:30am Remove cat from bathroom and close door. Return to bed. Attempt to imagine mice in little outfits like in children’s books to assuage disgust over mouse having been in bedroom (and now trapped in bathroom).

5:00am Cat begins to settle himself on my pillow. Paws that were just batting a mouse are not far from my face.

5:15am Choose to take comfort in knowing there will be no mice in my bed tonight, dapperly dressed or otherwise…

I sleep.

(Full disclosure – we are over at Miskiania today and it has stirred a lot in my head and heart. I started writing something and couldn’t quite finish it, so I am posting the above, which is actually something I wrote last year. I hope it made you laugh!).

One thought on “Day 89/365 Captain’s Log – 2am

  1. teenipete

    I love it! Thank you for the good humor! Some day you will sleep through the night and wake up wondering how that happened! Miskania is a beautiful place.