Day 87/365 Grate & Powerful

I was looking through some photos and saw this selfie. I had taken it in order to prove to my eldest daughter that I had followed her instructions.  She had insisted I wear the hat she made me to work “so that everyone will know.”

It reads…

“Mom, the grate and powerful.”

She is so intuitive and wise, I am quite sure the message was intended for me, and not for anyone else “to know.”  I think I must have seemed in need of a reminder that day.

You see, some days I feel like the “grate” and powerful Oz, and some days I feel like the (wo)man behind the curtain, frantically trying to pull off the illusion that everything is under control.

She has seen both, and yet she still believes in me, always.

She knows about my Mommy Super Power – that I have the ability to know what she’s feeling inside her heart, without her even having to tell me.

She also knows I often have to run back into the house – sometimes more than once – because I can’t seem to get out the door with everything I need on the first try (or second try…or third…).

What can I say?

My powers are mysterious.



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