Day 81/365 Unpopular Friends

My opinion here may not be a popular one in the current climate, but…

I like rain…and fog.

Lately it has been raining so often in Rhode Island that complaints about the weather seem to enter into every exchange. Interchangeable with “have a nice day” are expressions like “pray for sun.”

I was curious, and googled (as one does) “rain, depression” – of course lots came up about rain exacerbating depression.  Then I realized – rain doesn’t make me feel depressed, actually.  So I typed in “mood, rain” – up popped a web site solely devoted to rain sounds. They claim that listening to the rain sounds helps you to – focus, relax and sleep.

Ah hah! There it was!  People pay for these sounds!

Rain makes me feel comforted. Relaxed. Free to be antisocial if I wish –

Rain check, anyone?!

It gives me permission to go inward, and I have come to understand that I need that.

And fog – how can you not love it? The rigidity of what is – being softened, or even erased, right before our eyes – that, to me, is magical.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love the sun. It is glorious, but…

The rain and the fog – they are my friends, too.