Day 74/365 Childish

What is it about doing something “childish” that makes me giddy?

img_2962This past weekend I was walking in the woods and I came to a point in the path that was just an enormous lake of water and mud. I could have easily turned around and chosen a different path, but there was a log there and I decided I would tightrope it instead.

I wobbled and pitched when I dared to try to take a photo for this blog, and the whole thing just made me giggle.

A couple of weeks ago the girls and I were at the beach and I hopped on a swing. I swung as high as I could, and dipped my head back to let all the blood rush to my head.  I laughed hysterically and my girls thought I had finally lost it.


It wasn’t too long ago that I noticed I was the only parent riding my own horse on the carrousel rather than waving to her kids from the sidelines.  Umm…giddy up?

We rented a house last summer with friends. When we first arrived we checked out the dock. I decided I was going to jump in – right at that moment – in my dress.  I got a running start, jumped and plunged into the icy Maine water.

Why is it so freeing to act childishly?

Is it allowing oneself to look ridiculous?

Is it breaking free of whatever “adulting” rules to which we feel confined?

Does it flood us with a euphoric sense of nostalgia?

I suspect, for me, it’s that I’m in my head too much. Being childish allows me to live in the moment – to be fully in my body and not in my head – at least for a few trips ’round the carrousel.

Whatever it is, I’ve decided I need more of it in my life. So, if you have any suggestions for ways in which I can behave more childishly…

I’m all ears.

{Editor’s note: There’s a video of the above leap as well, but it turns out I mooned everyone (in slow-mo, to boot) on the way down. Yes, I know, also childish, but I’ve decided to spare us all this footage. Besides, I’m quite sure Monica is holding onto it for blackmail purposes.}