Day 69/365 Eric

When I understood definitively that I was going to be getting a divorce, he was the first person in my family I told. “S.O.S.” I texted. “Can you meet me at my office at 7? Bring wine.

Having no clue what I needed (besides wine), there was still not a second of hesitation, just “I’ll be there.

That’s how it is with him.

A few hours before, I had been standing in front of the marriage counselor’s office with my husband. I hadn’t known, when we walked into her office that day, that this was the decision that would be made. I was still in shock. It was as if it had not been my own voice, but the voice of some stranger, that I had heard utter the words, “I guess we are getting a divorce.”

It was a beautiful October day, just like our wedding day had been – nine years before, almost to the day. We stood there a few minutes on the sidewalk, not without tenderness. Neither of us knew what to say, so we just checked in about who was picking up the kids, and we went our separate ways – knowing our whole lives were about to change.

That evening I laid the whole story out to Eric. I thought that it would take him completely by surprise.  He was quiet for a minute, and what he said next took my breath away.  He said, “I’m sorry about your marriage, but to be honest – I’m actually happy for you.  You haven’t been yourself for a long time.” He said this with such sincerity, that I fell apart.

IMG_1837Of course he had known. He has always known my heart.

As I know his.

Eric is without a doubt the funniest person I know.  Anyone who knows him, even
peripherally, knows he is hilarious.  He honestly can make a person laugh no matter what the circumstances, and sometimes completely unintentionally (there was even that one unfortunate funeral incident a while back).

He used to make my dad laugh like no one else.

The thing about people who are funny – I mean so funny that it is their most prevalent img_1725descriptor, is that sometimes one might underestimate their depth.

Here are some of the things I appreciate most about Eric –

He is incredibly intelligent, as many truly funny people are (at least the ones with the kind of quick-witted humor I usually enjoy).

It is so easy for him to make new friends – anywhere, anytime – yet he is incredibly loyal to his oldest friendships. (I think he was the best man in four weddings? Five? And officiated one?).

He is driven to succeed – but he also knows the value of play. He knows how to create a life that has balance. Success is important to him, but the goal is not wealth nor accolades  (though who doesn’t want those). More than anything else he is driven to create the best life that he can for his wife, Tracy, and his son, Luke. Like some, I don’t think he’ll ever get so lost in the work that he forgets why he’s doing it.

He loves his family so deeply. There is never a doubt that he would walk through fire for any of us.

In some ways he already has.

I love you, Eric.

eric and baby
This is my favorite photo of him, because you can really see his heart.