Day 64/365 Have You Seen Me Naked?

My brother, Bill, told me that someone said to him, “Grief is Love that has nowhere to go.” I disagree. I think Grief is Love that wants to go everywhere. It streams from our eyes and it bursts from our every pore.

The thing about grief is it exposes us; it makes us raw.  There is nothing that makes us feel more vulnerable. It is so uncomfortable for some, to be exposed in this way, that they retreat inward. Perhaps all that Grief-Love gets stuck, and morphs into something different.

Something darker.

I’m not letting that happen to me. I’m letting it all run rampant – that Love that wants to escape me.

Since starting this blog, walking around in the world can feel a little bit like having exposed myself, literally, to a crowd and not knowing which of you were there to witness it.

Have you seen me naked? Have you?

It’s a weird feeling…I feel liberated and scared and brave and a bit like an exhibitionist.

But, I am exposing my Love here for everyone to see.  I am letting it reach those who need it.  I’m trusting it will go where it is meant to go.