Day 45/365 Gossamer Does Boca

Last night when Beau and I were laying in bed, she expressed that she wasn’t sure she was looking forward to our upcoming family trip.

Some of our family had been together for a cookout the night before. She said that she felt like everyone was acting happy, but under the surface we were all actually sad.

She’s anxious about being around a bunch of sad people who are trying to pretend to be happy.

Thinking about it today, what I want to express to her is this  –

Yes, sadness will most certainly be joining us on this trip.  There’s no hiding that. Sadness almost feels so large and cumbersome that we should be required to purchase an extra seat for it on the plane.

In fact, I imagine Sadness looking a bit like Gossamer from Bugs Bunny, trying to squeeze into seat 12B.

The truth is, Sadness is not an entirely unwelcome guest.  His presence is necessary on this trip…but, even though he may get us a little choked up sometimes,


…it doesn’t mean we have to let him run the show.

We will laugh, and have fun, and enjoy each other’s company, even with Sadness there.

We will not be pretending in those moments.  The happiness will be real, and everyone needs to know that’s okay.  It’s how dad would want it.

Next year, I’m hoping Sadness will fit in the overhead compartment. That bastard costs a fortune in inflight cocktails.


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4 thoughts on “Day 45/365 Gossamer Does Boca

  1. Karen Sommer

    Hi Bethany, I look forward to your blogs, and I know your Dad does too!! You are a special writer! You express your feelings with confidence and love. A gift!

    Have a wonderful family vacation! Sadness will be there, but it is real. But Strength will also be there as well as your Dad’s Gifts! I know he wants you all to celebrate with the ocean sounds and smells and the sunsets with a drink in hand!!

    Long ago when your Dad was in High School, he drove to Lasell to bring Anne and me home to Catherine Street. I can still remember his energy and his enthusiasm! I think it was love! He was always Billy to me!!!

    Please give my love to your Mom who has always been the glitter and to you, the glue to your family. Your Dad is really so proud of you, I know!!!😊❤️

    Love, Karen Sommer

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