Day 41/365 Rainy Day Haiku

I love the forest on a rainy day.

Surprising few seem to enjoy this sort of endeavor…which is one of the reasons I love it.

No crowds.

Sunny day walks are lovely, but universally enjoyed. When I walk in the rain it is peaceful and quiet, aside from the symphony of percussion sounds upon my hood, through the leaves, and into the puddles below.

Plus, putting on rain pants makes me feel like a little kid.

I sometimes exchange glances and nods of mutual respect and foul weather bliss with the lone few I pass along the trail.

The other day I passed an ill prepared, soaking wet fisherman who smiled and said, “Ah, we should’ve checked the weather!” I grinned at him. He then noticed my head to toe rain gear and said, “Well, I guess one of us did!”

As they say in Waldorf schools, “All weather is good weather if you’re dressed for it!”

A rainy forest

Soft percussion on my hood

Blissful solitude

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