Day 38/365 Old Patterns and New Paths

The beast and I walk every weekend in the same area. It satisfies both my love of the ocean and my love of the woods. Yesterday we were walking down our usual trail and I spotted a new path I had never noticed before.  I decided to go exploring.

I hadn’t realized how patterned we had become in always taking the same path, until I noticed Louie stopping frequently as if to ask, “This way?  Are you sure?”


I know, you see it coming, don’t you?

The metaphor.

Me and my damned metaphors.  Sorry, it can’t be helped. It’s just how my brain works – making sense of one thing by comparing it to another.

My brain is like a…(just kidding).

Okay, back to patterns…

The thing about our patterns is that they are our patterns for a reason. They have become comfortable – or at least, more comfortable than the idea of change. The problem is, sometimes our patterns aren’t particularly good for us. Maybe they were good for us at one time. Maybe they never were.

Somehow, the not-so-good old pattern seems much better than the worry of trying something new.

How will I know where a new path will lead, and whether I will like it when I get there? 

You don’t know, actually.  That’s the scary part; but it can also be a little exciting. Right?

Sometimes new paths can get messy,


…and growth is always possible.

You may see beautiful things along the way that you would have otherwise missed…

img_2490Here is where this metaphor loses it’s relevance a bit…

As it turns out, this particular path led me into a stranger’s back yard.

Trespassing…it led me to trespassing.

(Editor’s Note: Sadly, so began her life of crime…)

Maybe I’ll just end here by saying…

Is there a pattern you are holding onto? Is it because it really satisfies you, or because changing is scary?

Think about exploring a new path, and see where it takes you.

One last thing – 

If you happen to get arrested for trespassing in the process, please leave me out of it.

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