Day 35/365 I See You

“If there is any need that is perpetually unmet on this planet, it is the need to feel seen. To feel seen in our humanity, in our vulnerability, in our beautiful imperfection. When we are held safe in that, a key turns inside of our hearts, freeing us from our isolation, transforming our inner world. If there is anything we can offer each other, it is the gift of sight. ‘I see you’ – perhaps the most important words we can utter to another. I SEE YOU.”      – Jeff Brown

Here I am at Day 34/365 in this writing journey.  Sometimes the things I write fall a little flat, and other times they land with so many people I find myself overwhelmed (in the most wonderful way) by the messages I receive.

Every day I find myself inspired by something, and I sit with it until I am ready to write from that inspiration.  Most days I wake up in the morning not knowing what I will write about, and then something lights the kindling of thought.  Once the fire has been lit, I set about finding the right words to use, and deciding how they will come together.  This feels like a puzzle in my head. It is a satisfying process, moving the words around until I have assembled something I feel may be worthy of your time.

As much as I enjoy the component of spontaneity which is an inevitable part of a daily journal, I also have set the intention to write about the people with whom I share a special bond. At the end of this year I would like to have a body of work which not only chronicles the aftermath of my dad’s death, but that also gives future readers (even if those readers happen to be solely my children) a picture of my life. I want it to be clear that I was always unshakable in my knowledge that my life was full of people who made it beautiful, even in the midst of loss.

Writing about people is so much harder than writing about feelings or ideas. I put a lot of pressure on myself to get it right. I really want the people I love to read what I have written and not only feel loved, but to feel seen.

I want them to know that I think they are beautiful, and why.

I have been thinking a lot about each person whom I hold dear. I ask myself – what is it that I love about that person? What do I admire? What is unique? What have I seen them do, or heard them say, that impacted me? What is it that I would like them to know about themselves (perhaps it is something they really need to hear)?

Honestly, this practice alone has been incredibly rich for me. I recommend it to everyone and anyone.

Would you like to give it a try?

Think about the ones you love. Why do you love them? What do you see in them?

Next, I challenge you to take it one step further…

Let them know.

I see you.

I love you.

Let me tell you why.

These are beautiful words – both to say, and to hear.

May we all truly see, and be seen.

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