Day 32/365 Rage Against the Machines

I’m a patient person. Truly, I think it is one of my strengths (and some might say, one of my weaknesses).

I have to tell you, though…

Yesterday, I was on the verge of a complete freak out.

I had a packed day, with a very small window in which to go to the local pharmacy to print some pictures from my phone. I needed them for a professional development class I had to take in the afternoon.  I had just enough time to print the pictures, grab a sandwich to eat on the road, and make it to class.  No problem, I only needed to print three pictures…but,

The machines kept freezing.

All of them.

The clerk was in the weeds at the register, and the manager breezed by a few times with helpful suggestions like, “Huh, maybe you should try the other machine. Mmm, try downloading the app…”

At one point I thought maybe I was being pranked. Surely I was on one of those surprise reality tv shows, such as:

What Would You Do?”

And the answer to that question was apparently,

LOSE MY SHIT, that’s what I’d do.

I felt rage percolating as I found myself darting between all three machines, smacking each touchscreen with increased intensity, in the hopes that one of them might cooperate and spit out my pictures.

I’m sure it was quite a sight to behold!

Finally I left in a huff, empty handed; feeling (and I’m sure, looking) like a petulant child.

Muttering profanities under my breath, I stormed out to my car, slammed my door shut and sat there really angry…

At a machine.

What is it about machines not cooperating that makes normally calm, sane people want to lose their damn minds?

I thought of the scene from Office Space, in which the printer is “taken out” by some disgruntled office workers.

Inspired, I grabbed the Louisville Slugger from my trunk, and headed back into the CVS.  This time, the machine would cooperate – or else.


Just kidding.

Instead, I googled the movie clip and cracked up laughing.

I wish I could tell you that getting really angry served as some kind of emotional release for me, but frankly the release came only with laughter.

I really don’t have anything particularly profound to say today.  I guess I was just wondering if anyone else might be in need of a support group for machine related anger?


Hmm, that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.  I’ll work on that one.

In the meantime, call me if you need a hit taken out on your printer.

I know a gal.







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