Day 23/365 Perspective 

I snapped this photo during an early morning walk this past week. I love how it plays with perspective. To the right, you can see the Newport Bridge on the horizon. The dock in the foreground looks enormous in comparison. The silhouette of the seagull against the sun also plays with size and distance.

It makes me think about how we see and relate to things in our daily lives.  Small things  (or small problems) often seem enormous when they are directly in front of us.  Sometimes they are all we can see, virtually obscuring our view of anything else, especially when we choose to focus on them.

Sometimes we are able to step back, and to consider the big picture…”to put things into perspective” as they say.  By taking a wider view, we can see that a problem is relatively small, and this of course helps to calm us and to allow us to handle the issue in a healthier way.

It is much more difficult to shift our perspective around when it comes to big life traumas. For one thing, they actually are BIG to us, and we know it. They are hard to minimize, and that is okay.  We are entitled to feel their enormity.

It seems to me that sometimes the only way to change our relationship to these big traumas is to allow for the distance that can be gained only through time.

We will always, within us, know that the size of it has not changed, just as the size of the bridge does not actually change as we move away from it.

However, hopefully we will in time find ourselves far enough away from the grief, that it will cease to obscure, and then even cease to throw shallows across, our wider world view.

Gradually, we can choose to bring new and beautiful things into focus.


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