Day 22/365 Risk

I have had quite a bit of experience this year with the unexpected happening. These have  not been situations in which I took risks that didn’t pan out.  Rather, these were situations in which I had become comfortable with the seeming stability of things, and was swiftly, and sometimes painfully, reminded that there is no such thing as certainty.

When a person has been rocked by unexpected events, I can see how it may become instinctual to cling not only to their loved ones, but also to patterns of behavior, or habits that provide the illusions of predictability and control.

Taking risks, in life and love, may seem entirely foolhardy.

After all, it’s scary enough that we have so little control.  Why would we willingly invite havoc, or heartbreak?

But…if you look at this logic from another perspective –

If we have already learned that even the seeming “certainties” of life are actually nothing of the sort, perhaps there is beauty to be found in the ability to let go of the need for control and certainty.

Do you follow?


Living with two mystical, young creatures such as I do, I often find “potions” around my house such as  black murky liquid marked “deadly nightshade” or “witches’ brew”. I recently came across this one, labeled “Risk”.

It struck me that rather than being a dark and foreboding concoction,  it appears quite luminous and magical.

To my children, risk is a thrilling exploration of what is possible. 

I wondered…

If we can admit to ourselves that we control nothing,

Is it possible to find a place of freedom, rather than fear, in that place of not knowing?

Can we begin to see risk as something beautiful?


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