Day 10/365 – BOUYANCY

Here is what I have begun to appreciate about this practice – it brings me into the present. I really try to pay attention to the daily images, feelings, thoughts and people that make me feel warmth, peace, gratitude.

For today, a little levity (…er, buoyancy?)

Today I am grateful for baths. I do believe in their restorative and healing properties. I am in love with the big clawfoot tub where we live. I like the water to be almost unbearably hot, and sprinkled with lavender oil. It is heavenly, especially on a raw March evening.

Sometimes I am surrounded in complete quiet, and it has a wonderfully meditative quality. As you can imagine, this does not typically occur when my children are at home. Most days, I have company. Yet, both experiences bring warmth and contentment.

(I made her pass me my phone; she was too cute perched there, telling me tales of school. So, I’m also grateful I didn’t drop the phone, and that she didn’t fall in. Here’s to small miracles.)Day 10New to this blog?  Read what it’s all about here.