I am grateful to have such a rewarding and versatile job, as a daycare/preschool owner. Honestly, working with a group of young children all day long takes a kind of patience I admire deeply, but that is not a gift I personally have. Though, when I was not working in a setting with children (such as when I got a job in the mortgage industry), I was miserable. I absolutely love having a job in which I can support the people who are gifted in the early childhood profession, for one. I love supporting parents, because let’s face it, it’s the hardest job there is. I love that I can go into the classroom at any moment and receive unsolicited snuggles from the little ones. I can also go back into my office and work quietly when I wish. Sometimes I get to fix things with tools. I especially love doing this in front of the little ones. I love for them to see a woman wielding a power tool. Yesterday I got to pound the hell out of a metal rod with a sledgehammer (okay, technically it was a mallet, but I’m totally calling it a sledgehammer) to fix a fence outside. If you’ve never whacked anything with a sledgehammer (mallet, whatever…) I would highly recommend it. I mean…use your best judgement, people. Snuggles, power tools, support, love…it’s a good job. I’m grateful.

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