Day 5/365 – MOM

This is my beautiful mother. She is an avid and talented photographer. She has a gift for capturing the warmth and emotion of a moment in time, allowing us all to hold it in our hands and close to our hearts timelessly. There are so many beautiful photos my mother took of my dad, especially of him enjoying time with his grandchildren. Looking through all of these photos after dad died, it became exceedingly apparent to me how few photos there are of my mother. She is always behind the camera. This suddenly seemed a glaring omission. I told her that we really need to be sure to take more photos of her from now on. This is what she said: “When I die, the photos that you will have “of me” will be all of the photos I have taken all of my life of everything and everyone that I loved. Isn’t that better than a bunch of selfies?”
Mom, I’m so grateful for you.
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