Day 2/365 – Monica

Almost eight years ago, I found myself in a scary place.

I was a stay at home mom with two beautiful children (Beau was two and a half, and Ruby was two months old) and I was experiencing postpartum depression. I would wake up in the morning, and the thought of a new day brought me to tears.

At the time the only person I knew (and I did not know her well, by any means) whom I had ever heard speak openly of having experienced PPD was Monica. I got her number from a mutual friend, and I called her in tears.

She recommended that I see an acupuncturist/healer…but here’s where it gets amazing. Monica made the appointment for me, met me at the appointment, and held my baby in the waiting room while I was seen. We literally had never even hung out before. I found this astonishing.

Throughout the past eight years (the craziest years of my life by any measure) Monica has been there for me, without fail, every single time I’ve needed her. She is the kind of friend who really listens, and then asks the right questions to help me to get to the heart of a problem. No platitudes (oh how we laugh at platitudes!). Not only have I had some of my deepest talks with her, but I have also shared with her some of my deepest belly laughs.

For someone who has been through so much, her eyes shine from within, and she laughs from her very core.

Monica, you are a beautiful soul and I am so grateful to be your friend.

monica trp

Postscript: You will notice if you read through this blog that Monica is mentioned many times, often relating to some bit of wisdom or revelation. She is not only my closest friend, but also a co-active life coach. You can learn more about this here. She does most of her coaching over the phone, so you do not need to be local to her/us to benefit from her amazing ability to help people pull back the veils. What I love about her coaching is that she helps me to get there – to the place I need to go – myself. She guides but never pushes. She holds up the mirror but never tells me what I am supposed to see there.

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