Day 1/365 – AUSTIN

Austin, I’m starting my gratitude flood with you, because you are the one who popped into my head this morning and made me think about all the amazing friends I have. On Thursday, I texted Austin and asked if he could take a call from me for a computer issue I was having. I (kind of?) jokingly wrote, “I promise to try not to cry.” I swear he showed up five minutes later. Not a call…he just showed up. He always shows up, eager to help me or my kids in any way possible. I’m grateful for you, Austin.

A cute story – The girls like it when I sing to them (bless their wounded ears) and one song they like is “Just the Way You Are” by Billy Joel. One night I started to sing, “Don’t go changing, to try to please me; you never have to work that hard…”
Beau interrupted me and said, “That sounds like something Austin would say.”

PS I was gonna cry, and he knew it.austinn

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