Are You Dipped In It?

My father used to say that if someone is particularly lucky or blessed, they are dipped in it. He always knew he was, and he would say this about me, too.
And I was, until I thought I wasn’t.
Lying alone in the dark after my father’s death, I couldn’t possibly feel further from dipped in it. Yet, it is this journey into the darkness of loss and the discovery of life and love and family that reminds me.
It is the discovery of how to roll with the punches with grace and humor (and perhaps a decent amount of swearing).
It is the reclaiming of my power by honoring the woman within me who is stronger than I ever imagined she could be. 
All of this will save me. 
Dipped In It is for anyone who has experienced loss, or who has had to regain their footing after the ground around them has begun to crumble—or has fallen away entirely. 
We are in this together.