Dad used to say if someone was particularly lucky or blessed, that they were “dipped in it.” He would say it about me often, and I believed him.

He passed away on January 5, 2017. His death was sudden, and it knocked me to my knees. I couldn’t seem to get myself out of a very dark place. I began to loathe my own company.

As the saying goes, “Wherever you go, there you are.” I knew I had to get back to a place of gratitude and joy in my life, or I feared I would literally go crazy.  So, I decided to force myself into a daily practice of gratitude – for one year.

I thought that every day I would write a bit about love, joy, inspiration, humor…a little bit of something that makes me feel grateful.

As the blog has evolved I have found myself writing each day about whatever strikes me. Many of the entries are about the strong feelings of sadness, loss, fear, anxiety – all the things that go along with the grieving process. Other entries have been about gratitude, joy, and about the people I adore, for they are by far the greatest blessings in my life.

Writing from the heart continues to be a healing process for me. I hope to find my way back to once again believing my dad was right about me.

I am dipped in it.